The Sports the ICC Will Host for You

When you want to go see a game live and in person, there is probably a specific sport you want to see. Most people have a preferred sport, and most of them are hosted by the ICC at some time or another. They host several games a year, and all are safe, family friendly, and great to watch.


One of the primary sports that the ICC will be seen hosting is football, also called soccer in North America. Football is a great sport to attend and is guaranteed to excite you with every play. Your eyes will follow the ball as it is kicked across the field. You will cheer or boo when your team scores a goal or misses, and you will sit on the very edge of your seat in anticipation of the referee’s call or a goal. You will more that likely yell at the referee for giving your team a penalty, and cheer when the opponents get one. Football is just all around an exciting, but nerve wracking sport to watch. It is a guaranteed fun day for you and your family or friends.


Cricket is another game you will see the ICC hosting. It too is an exciting game, though it is played with a ball and a bat. The teams both try to get as many runs as possible to reign champion over their opponents, and you will sit on the edge of your seat here, too. You will cheer on your team, celebrate their win, or mourn their loss, but you will still have a great time. It’s not whether you win or lose, they say. It’s how you play the game, and the friends you make along the way.


Rugby, for those who don’t know, is similar to the American sport football. To attend a rugby game is to attend a whole new level of excitement. You will be able to bear witness to players fighting for control of the ball, crashing into one another, and throwing perfect spirals in a fight to score more points than the other team. And it’s a guarantee, any sport where you can watch people knock one another down for possession of a ball is sure to have you on your feet, cheering and celebrating.

So, as we can probably all see, wherever the ICC is, there will be sports and excitement fit for everyone. So look to find out when the ICC will be near you and be sure to buy your tickets in advance, in case the seats fill up fast. With games this exciting, they’re sure to sell plenty of tickets.

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