What is a reasonable rate per hour to pay a computer consultant?


What is a reasonable rate per hour to pay a computer consultant to come into your home and fix your computer, home network, etc.?




Well from a computer store they can be pricey starting from $ 40/hr if you take it to them. Most places they won’t come to you and if they do they would likely charge a premium. It would be best to find a friend or ask a friend or family member if they know someone that can do it for you. Maybe treat them to a meal or pay them what you think is reasonable for a reward.

If you do want profession help as I mentioned it will like be expensive since many charge by the hour and some tasks such as a format require a great deal of time but all the technician would do after the process has started is wait around for an hour or 2 until they can reinstall your operating system.

Another idea is to look online and do it yourself. You may not think of yourself as tech savvy but you might be shocked at how easy some of these task can be once you take a bit of time to learn it. That way if anyting goes wrong in the future you’ll be able to perform the task yourself.

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It depends on what you need done, but I wouldn’t pay by the hour. Get them to quote you a flat fee. Then call a big box service like Geek Squad to get a comparison. The challenge you have with paying hourly is that if your hard drive needs to be wiped and rebuilt, you can’t predict how long it will take to reload, install and test each program. Get a flat fee.

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