What are good industries for a computer consultant to target?


I want to generate new business, what would be good industries for a computer consultant to target? Companies that are less likely to have “on staff” IT.



Princess A

Real Estate…


Any and all industries need IT services. Even companies that have their own “on staff” IT people hire extra people as consultants/contractors all the time. Since you are focused on IT, you’re probably better off specializing on something specific to IT (network admin, programming, testing, etc.) rather than worrying about the industry. The more experience you have in a particular industry, the better. But if you’re just starting out, it’s more important to refine your technical expertise; industry is of secondary importance. Go to any and all industries that need your IT skills and then stick with the industry that uses you the most.

Another good thing about targeting companies with their own IT staff is that they usually have enough money to hire you. If you target “mom and pop” shops that can’t afford their own IT staff, they’re probably going to be penny-pinchers and won’t want to shell out the money you require. If you have several clients who are “mom and pops” simultaneously, then you could make a practice out of that (doing miscellaneous technical support and projects on a part-time basis for multiple “mom and pops”).

Good luck!

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